our global KYC solutions

we enable payment service providers, banks, e-commerce, gambling operators and many others to build a full KYC program in an easy and fast manner with one single and end-to-end solution.

video ID verification/

Provide your customers with a fully digital experience through our one-of-a-kind multilingual video-bot. 

watchlist screening

Screen your customers against Sanction, PEP and Private lists, provided by our exclusive partner: Dow Jones, with an efficient case management system to reduce operational challenges. 

AML risk-scoring

Risk-score your customers and fight money laundering/terrorism financing by using our proprietary algorithms reflecting your business’ risk based approach. 

on-demand AML risk-scoring and watchlist screening

discover our latest product that allows you to instantly check names for PEP, Sanction Lists and perform an AML risk assessment.

our technology

Our products offer a seamless and user friendly experience both on mobile (in browser unique experience) and on desktop versions. 

We offer a full set of APIs allowing you to easily retrieve information and be in control of your data. 
By enabling OAUTH 2.0, your authentication is easily done. 

We enable end-to-end encryption for maximum security on all of our modules. All data at rest and in transit are encrypted. 

We have implemented state of the art DDOS protection and intrusion prevention systems. You are in full control of your data

algoreg is powered by advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence engine. 

This is how compliance is done in the 21st Century.